Friday, July 20, 2012

Nevaeh Paris *Requested

I love the name Nevaeh Paris, so I had to use it on one of my sims (: .
I wasn't really planning on uploading her, but she was requested. You can have her if you want her, but don't use her as a base or re-upload her. Other information can be seen in terms.

Anyways, I hope you like her (:

CC List:
Skin: Empherma
Hair: Ulker
Contacts: Tifa
Lips: Sasha J
Eyelashes: S-Club
Outfit: All About Style
Outfit Pattern: Incoherent Simming
Earrings/Piercing: IN3S
Tattoo: Vasilla
Freckles: Vasilla - I have both sets


Bella3lek4 (Eye width, eye length, eye stretch, chin width, jaw line width)

Both .sim & Sim3Pack file included