Terms & Other Info

-Please do not claim my creations as your own.
-Please do not re-upload my creations without permission.

-Please do not link my creation downloads to adf.ly or any site similar to it.

-Please do not download my creations & re-upload them.

    -Do not link your re-upload of my creation(s) to adf.ly or any website similar to it.
-Please please please give me credit if you include my creations with your files or in your sims' preview pictures.
-Please link back to my blog if you post one of my creations on an update site.

-Please do not make minor changes to my sims, call them your own, and post them as yours.
-Most important: Have fun (:

*They aren't hard rules, so please follow them.

-If you need to know absolutely anything, feel free to contact me at: vs.ilenesdiary@yahoo.com
Other Info:
-Any downloaded fonts or brushes that I might have used in my creations can be found here.
-Sims' Preview Pictures: Since I have to take in-game pictures with little light in order for them to be good quality, my sims preview are ONLY brightened, so you can see them better. That's why I include CAS pictures.
--I do not have the HQ Mod installed.
Before:                                              After:

Edited Images: Only applies to sims posted June 2, 2012 & earlier.
Sims' pictures posted after June 2, 2012 are NOT brightened.