Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stay Strong Tattoo Set

Before I start... it's six in the morning & i'm ready to k.o. so if there's typos, don't judge me :p This tattoo set was requested by mymentalsuicide. She asked for quotes that would encourage you to stay strong after or during battling depression & allowed me to throw in some totally unrelated ones :p

I hope you like them! <33 p="">

The tattoos come in a set of eleven.

  • After The Storm
  • Believe
  • Gonna Be Okay
  • Infinity Anchor
  • Life Goes On
  • Skull
  • Stay Strong
  • Stay
  • Strong
  • This Too Shall Pass
  • You Need to Let Things Go

Properly categorized as tattoos
The zip file includes each tattoo individually (labeled) and a file with all tattoos included. 
For more tattoo locations you can download XCAS by CmarNYC. If you’re using MasterController by Nraas use MasterController ExpandedTattoo Phase Seven.
[Tattooinator/Skull/Sometimes You Need to Let Things Go/Fonts/Brushes]

.package only


  1. these are amazing. thank you so much <3

    1. thank you <33 i'm really happy you like them ((:

  2. Hey ! I have a question. How can you make the text tattoo's look good in your game? Because in my game , all the tattoo's and specialy the text tattoo's just look like some pixels on the sim.. I hope you can help me ! xo

    1. hi (:
      i use the hq/hd mod when i take preview pictures.
      but usually when I'm not using it they still look kinda clear. Make sure your sim detail setting is up on the highest setting.

  3. Please help me, i LOVED your tattoos but i cant find it on my game... Where I can find these amazing tattoos???? I love your stuffs xx

  4. I need to have ambitions installed to these tattoos work?? )=

  5. These tattoos only work on ts3???